Endless Survival Is Impossible In Retro Pixel Castles

Retro Pixel Castles is aiming to be the next giant leap forward for village simulators. Developer Raymond Doerr, an Air Force vet, has created a constantly-evolving world for you to try to survive in.

The Kickstarter boasts that “endless survival is impossible.” With ever-increasing difficulty, the fight for survival will be intense. Your villagers have minds entirely of their own, and will divide up work, pair up, and generally go about their business independent of your input beyond some abstract instructions.

As you progress, you’ll unlock additional buildings, items and units to use in later playthroughs. You’ll have to use your resources and architecture to your advantage in your struggle. The game features real-time shadows and lighting, a day/night cycle and more.

The game includes a full-featured map editor with Steam Workshop support planned with its inevitable Steam release, given that the game has already been Greenlit. The music by “Bibiki” Garcia is an awesome fusion of orchestral and chiptune.

RPC has already gathered considerable approval and is set to drop at a to be determined date, possibly sometime in 2015. A meager $7, more than 50% off the intended retail of $15, nets you the game on the Kickstarter.