‘Hatred’ Revealed, A Controversial Game About Committing Genocide

We kill a lot of people in video games. Seriously, even if you exclude all but the Grand Theft Auto series, the numbers would be outrageous. Then again, gaming and murder go together like Hawaiian shirts and puppies, and while it remains a controversial topic it’s an aspect of our pastime that will likely outlive those picketing evangelists.

Hatred, a newly revealed title by Destructive Creations is taking things about 500 steps further. In the game, players are expected to embark on a “genocide crusade” and slaughter countless innocents without any real purpose. Like the Postal series, Hatred seems to be taking the ‘controversial for the sake of controversy’ route which, in Postal’s case, did wonders for developer Running With Scissors… in 1997.

The developer claims that they set out to “create something against trends — in times where a lot of games are heading to be polite, colorful, politically correct.” And that’s certainly a point made clear in the video below. The games reveal trailer features gratuitous top-down violence, screaming innocent victims and one really pissed off trench-coat owner.