New Footage from Cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Emerges

Dice and EA’s upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront may be the third entry in the franchise, but it wasn’t the first attempt. Free Radical, the guys who would eventually become Crytek UK and are now Dambuster Studios, were originally working on Star Wars: Battlefront 3. For unknown reasons, LucasArts decided to pull funding for the project, despite the fact that the game was close to completion.

Recently, new gameplay footage from the project has surfaced showing us what could have been. Be warned, the footage is from a 2007 pre-alpha build and is not polished. There are plenty of bugs, unfinished assets, and a framerate that chugs considerably.

Star Wars: Battlefront 3 looked to follow the formula of its predecessors. It appears the game would be a third-person shooter with a first-person option, focus primarily on the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War eras, provide an ample amount of vehicles to use, and feature playable heroes. It will be interesting to see how Dice’s Battlefront stacks up against Free Radical’s attempt, but first we need some gameplay footage.

Star Wars: Battlefront is due out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC summer 2015. Sadly, we won’t ever see Star Wars: Battlefront 3, but hopefully Dice will incorporate some of Free Radical’s ideas and mechanics into their game.