Paranautical Activity Graduates from Steam Early Access Today

Paranautical Activity was a game that almost didn’t make it onto Steam at all. Due to some rules surrounding Steam Greenlight and publishing deals on the platform, developer Code Avarice ended up self-publishing back in February 2013. Since then, people have flocked to the FPS and roguelike hybrid via Early Access.

Over a year later, Paranautical Activity is finally a complete title. Don’t be fooled by the Minecraft-esque voxel graphics, because the gameplay is completely different. As per roguelike conventions each area is procedurally generated and there’s a great deal of character classes to choose from. It also offer quite the challenge.

To celebrate going from Early Access to finished release there’s a 15% discount available until October 27, 2014. That brings Paranautical Activity down to $8.49. The game includes Steam Achievements and Trading Cards.

  • Xenobyte

    And then the game got pulled. #rekt

  • James

    I want to write a news article about Paranautical Activity getting itself kicked off Steam but the headline would be the sound of Pac-Man dying and I don’t know how to spell that.

  • Jonathan Grier

    How is that a death threat? That’s a poorly thought out tweet by a man who’s freaking out. Definitely shouldn’t have done it, makes sense the game was pulled. But…death threat? Nonsense.