Man Dances To Internet Fame By Beating Spelunky WIth A Dancepad Controller

There are a number of gamers that had a hard enough time beating Spelunky with a normal controller, but fans of the platformer have already come up with all sorts of interesting challenges and twists to make the already tough game even tougher. The next time you are playing through Spelunky and struggling to get out of the caverns alive, know that someone out there once beat the entire game with their feet.

To celebrate hitting 1,000 followers, Twitch streamer EladDifficult decided to make Spelunky EladDifficult-er by using a dancepad to control the little Spelunky Guy. A controller was still used for all the button inputs, but directional inputs were all done via something that no one has used since DDR finally died the ignoble death of an evil Russian czar. It doesn’t take him long, and anyone who has played Spelunky before will recognize how impressive this accomplishment is.

The entire run is available for viewing over at his Twitch archive, so go check it out if you’re feeling proud for beating the game with your hands like a sucker. You can even see him try (and fail) to beat the Binding of Isaac with his feet prior to his Spelunky run, so if you’re looking to one up this guy you already know which game to tackle.