“Save The Black Glove” Campaign Launches As Former Bioshock Devs Kickstarter Nears End

The minds behind the brilliant surreal adventure The Black Glove are pushing to raise nearly $400,000 – 73% of the campaigns total – in the last five days of its running. Republique managed the same feat and Day For Night Games are hoping to replicate its success. Using the hashtag #savetheblackglove as well as Facebook and Twitter icons or banners with the same message, they hope to draw in the necessary funds to complete their project.

The Black Glove comes from a team whose experience includes the original Bioshock. The game is a promising and bizarre exploration through time and space where manipulating the past of artists in your care will impact their current works and talents. A mere $20 will net you a copy on the game’s release over at the Kickstarter.