Space Engineers Coming to Retail

Keen Software House has officially announced that their hit game, Space Engineers, has been released to retail stores this week in North America, Europe and Australia. The first batch will be available in North America at Walmart and Amazon, South Africa, Austrailia exclusively through EB, New Zealand and throughout designated countries in Europe.

The retail version will feature a Limited Edition to include Space Engineers, Miner Wars 2081, and Miner Wars Arena, The official game soundtrack, exclusive art cards, and a bunch of bonus digital content.

“Space Engineers has been growing constantly during its first year and by releasing this special boxed edition we are aiming to introduce the game to a broader audience and give them the chance to try our game” commented Marek Rosa, CEO and Founder of Keen Software House. “Another big reason that makes this release very important is that Space Engineers is one of the very first Early Access games that has made it into retail stores and we believe that starting with our game, players will change their perception about Early Access titles and take them more seriously. In this sense we are somewhat like pioneers that are trying to change the gaming industry!”

Space Engineers recently just passed a major milestone and will also be releasing on Xbox One sometime next year.