Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Doesn’t Unlock At 10AM PST, Nervous Breakdown Ensues

Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest non-AAA releases of the year generated an insane amount of hype. The Binding of Isaac achieved cult status and its successor is expected to cut of the same extremely high-quality cloth, only without the limitations of the the Flash engine. When thousands of players couldn’t start playing at 10 AM PST, a collective nervous breakdown began.

As it stands, it is 10:27 PST and it seems everyone but a select few (popular Isaac YouTuber and streamer Northernlion, for example) are afflicted by a lock screen informing them that the game is “still encrypted” and therefore unplayable.

A thread on the Steam community forums for the game is gathering upwards of 10 replies a second, with frustrated gamers venting about their inability to relish in the titular character’s suffering.

Update: As of 10:49 AM PST, the game is playable.