‘Pikmin Short Movies’ Precursor to Pikmin 4, Miyamoto says

Some of the juiciest comments are hidden away in the TL:DR question and answer segments, which makes every sentence seem innocuous. Even in a recent Q&A with Miyamoto, posted on Nintendo’s website a week ago, few noticed the telling discussion of Pikmin Short Movies.

When discussing the recently added tie-ins, now available in the Nintendo eShop, the popular game creator said “continually launching campaigns after the release of software will lay the groundwork for the next iteration of ‘Pikmin’ in the future,” which would be a selling point for the Wii U.

Pikmin 4 was probably a pending reality, anyway, but these comments confirm that Miyamoto is engaging in an active PR campaign to promote the game, which may suggest the sequel to the popular series is closer than anyone expects.