Pokemon Trading Card Game Available Now On 3DS Virtual Console

Believe it or not, the Pokemon Trading Card Game is still alive and kicking. Sure, it doesn’t attract the massive crowds of pale-faced combatants it did a few years ago, but there’s still plenty of pizza grease smeared on the backroom tables of card shops the world over.

Those of us whose fandom has dwindled with time and maturity remember one particular game with fondness: the Pokemon Trading Card Game For Game Boy Color, arguably the best representation of a collectible card game on a portable device until Blizzard’s Hearthstone.

Previously only available to us westerners with an original copy (or an emulation), one of Game Boy Color’s most addictive titles has finally made its way to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in North America. And better yet, it’s only $5.99, so fans old and young should consider it an investment in both fun and nostalgia and take the plunge.