Casual Monday: The Walking Dead Pinball

We know how it is. You worked hard for your 10:1 KDR, but sometimes, you just want to take five, relax, and enjoy a quick game on your phone. Unfortunately, finding good games is anything but quick – most mobile gems end up buried under a mountain of trash. But like we said, we know how it is, so every Monday we shine a spotlight on a great diversion to get you through the work week.

Zen Studios, the lords of all things pinball, have teamed up with Telltale Games to bring you The Walking Dead….Pinball.

Much of the artistry in pinball lies in the makeup of the table – encapsulating whatever the theme is completely on the tiny table that is your canvas and literally lighting it up to make it stand out. While Zen’s table may look cramped it does a great job of recreating Telltale’s most iconic locations like the dairy farm, Travelier Motel, and the Bell Tower. Lee, Clementine, and some walkers have 3D representations in the game and act out some of the triggered events from the table. Also award-winning voice actors Dave Fennoy and Melissa Hutchison provided some original work for the game.

TWD Pinball

The trick to blending a narrative heavy game with pinball is somehow making the two halves connect. Zen didn’t just slap the name “The Walking Dead” on their game and put it on the market. The lords of pinball don’t operate that way. While you’re sporadically knocking the ball around you’ll trigger different events from the game. For instance, when you complete the word “smile” Lee and Clementine will kick a soccer ball around. Other times you’ll be given the opportunity to choose from one of the five different options at the bottom of the table. Each choice triggers a different action that Lee and Clementine act out at the bottom of the table. When you complete them you get a nice amount of bonus points to boost your high score.

TWD trigger

There’s even one choice that allows you to play a sniper minigame. It’s not the best minigame in the world, but when it comes to a game where you only expected to move some flippers it’s a nice addition.When it’s all said and done, however, The Walking Dead Pinball is still just another pinball game. Those of us who aren’t pinball aficionados will mash the flippers with little rhyme or reason, never making use of the table nudge function because it wasn’t necessary on Microsoft 3D Pinball – Space Cadet.

If you do love pinball, though, then you’ll get a lot out of The Walking Dead Pinball. This app provides a dose of nostalgia and addictive pinball action for just $1.99, and its quirky, story-driven take on the age old game makes for a unique play experience. You can get The Walking Dead Pinball here for Android and here for iOS.