Dungeon Defenders II Officially Announced as 2015 PS4 Exclusive [UPDATED]

[UPDATE 12/5 8:51 P.M.] Developer Trendy Entertainment announced via Twitter that the game will also be available on PC, Mac and Linux as well as PS4. The nature of the tweet suggests that the game may never come to Xbox.

Original Story:

Just as we thought, Dungeon Defenders II is a PS4 exclusive in 2015. During The Game Awards, Trendy Entertainment announced that they had partnered with Sony to make this exclusivity possible.

No word on how this will affect Steam Early Access players, but it will likely mean that these players will have to sit out a year after the official release of the tower-defense sequel.

Earlier, an article was posted by Gamespot (presumably by mistake) that reported this information with “Embargo” above the text. The article was quickly removed, but not before being spotted by Hardcore Gamer.


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  • corvusmd

    News of this and SF5 are the worst possible things for die hard Sony fanboys….they are both 3rd party exclusives also available on PC…and the “morals” were sold for two games that no one cares about either way.

    • default14321

      I guess you own an Xbox One.