Orcs Must Die! Unchained Making Console Debut

The Orcs Must Die series has been around online for a few years but it’s now coming to the PlayStation 4. Orcs Must Die! Unchained was announced at PlayStation experience with a trailer featuring a cocky knight thinking he’s the reason the kingdom was saved. But we know the thanks goes to all the other warriors, he barely did anything. Either way; the best orc, is a dead orc.

This time around, there’s an entirely new enemy to face. The Unchained are looking to destroy all the hard work and effort the heroes put in to rebuilding the Order. To take on the Unchained, it’s best to think strategically by building traps or charge head first into the enemy stronghold. Both old and new heroes will be at your side to help fend off against any threat. There’s even room to collect and customize for any type of match.

Watch the trailer below for some more hack and slash action: