Paul McCartney Hologram Stars in Bizarre Destiny Music Video

It’s no secret that Paul McCartney played a part in Destiny’s development, contributing to Michael Salvatori’s fantastic soundtrack, so it would make sense that he would be involved with future endeavors. We didn’t exactly expect him to appear in hologram form in a Destiny music video, but uh, that’s exactly what has happened today.

Paul McCartney has released a music video today for a song titled “Hope for the Future.” In it, he’s a blue hologram superimposed over a bunch of Destiny scenes. The only reason we can think for this is that McCarney was only available via a Skype webcam and this was the best they could do.

The music video is absolutely over-the-top cheesy, but the previ0usly-released song is not half bad.

Check it out below, and remember kids, this man used to be in The Beatles: