Flyhunter Origins Lands on Vita, Rubs its Tiny Legs Together in Anticipation of Steam

Flyhunter Origins was the second cute all-ages run & jump 2D action platformer I got to see at E3 this year, with Juju being the first, so of course they somehow manage to come out on the same day.  That’s fine, though, because there aren’t that many about nowadays, and Flyhunter Origins is bursting with personality.  You’re Zak, a janitor who accidentally ejects both the crew and cargo of the spaceship you’re supposed to be cleaning, and now the black marketeers who own the vessel have put the responsibility for fixing this mess squarely in your three-fingered alien hands.

One of the notable bits of Flyhunter is that it’s the side-project of several Pixar animators, and while that got a fair amount of press it’s like having Mario Batali as your surgeon.  There’s talent, there, sure, but maybe a bit of evidence of capability at a completely unrelated skill would be nice.  Thankfully creating a good game ranks a bit lower on the danger scale than sewing bits of flesh back into some semblance of order, and the hour I’ve had the reviewable had been pretty fun so far.

Flyhunter Origins hits Vita today, Steam tomorrow.  Check out the trailer below to meet Zak and the bug-infested tiny world he needs to jump, shoot, swat, and explore his way through.