It’s Time for The Xbox Experience

It’s not an unpopular opinion to say that Sony did a fantastic job with their Playstation Experience event, a collection of conferences and displays that showed everyone what was coming to PlayStation hardware over the next year and beyond. From exciting exclusives to some fantastic indie content, Playstation Experience was Sony assuring everyone that PlayStation had a lot on the way. The avalanche of content and hype gave Sony all the spotlight they needed to make PlayStation’s name in the gaming world all the stronger. With that in mind, Sony’s competitors are still trailing behind the PlayStation, and while Nintendo has their steady stream of Nintendo Directs, Microsoft has been rather quiet in comparison when it comes to flexing their muscles for Xbox. That can change: should Microsoft challenge Sony? Should there be an “Xbox Experience”?


Microsoft’s Xbox One has been struggling to keep pace with Sony, slipping behind the console in sales despite a nice amount of quality exclusives released this year. Sunset Overdrive, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection all made some big waves for Xbox One this year, so it’s clear that Microsoft isn’t dead when it comes to exclusives. 2015 still has some great stuff on the way for the system too, like Platinum Games’ Scalebound and the cult favorite Phantom Dust. Microsoft has been keeping tight wraps on both Gears of War and Rare’s new project as well.

It’s these kinds of exciting exclusives that need to reach the public eye and there’s no better way to do that than to give Xbox unrestricted spotlight at their own event. Sure, E3 is a huge deal for gaming, but Microsoft is always combatting their rivals there. The stage time is always a tug-o-war between companies, so no press conference is able to steal 100% of the attention from the public. That’s why Playstation Experience was so advantageous for Sony; there was zero competition. Sony could show off everything they had in them without worrying about another company showing them up or being confined by press conference time. These company-specific events have even allowed Nintendo to thrive, with Nintendo Directs focusing on Nintendo’s strengths without having to pander simply to snatch attention away from Sony or Microsoft. It’s a way for companies to perform entirely in their element.

Halo 5 Guardians

Xbox One has games to show. It just needs the space to show them, which is why having an event devoted entirely to Xbox is the way to go. Microsoft needs the attention too, with Sony continuously grabbing games like the recently announced Street Fighter V away from other consoles. Sony successfully built up excitement for the PlayStation 4, a much needed move after their lackluster 2014 lineup. With Sony in a prime position to run riot in 2015, Microsoft has the opportunity to match them by laying out all of their cards and showing the world what Xbox One has going into 2015 and what we’ll see throughout the year.

It’s time for the Xbox Experience.