Juju Launch Trailer Launches with Juju, Coincidentally Enough

Juju is a cute all-ages platformer designed to be enjoyed by people of all skill levels, but with special attention paid to making sure an adult can have a good time playing with their less-skilled kids.  It was good fun at E3, and the preview build I got to play a while back made for a nice couple hours of gaming.  Juju is a bright, fun, colorful, and relentlessly cheerful bit of 2D side-scrolling run and jump action, and it launches today on PS3 with the Steam and Xbox 360 version coming on Wednesday.  It’s also got a launch trailer which somehow links the co-op gameplay of a cute kids game with getting lightly baked with your jailbait girlfriend.  So um… yeah.

It’s not my job to market games.  I’m more of a troubleshooter than salesman, so I suppose I should let the professionals get on with it rather than critique their work.  Is it really so hard, though, to show a mom having fun playing with their 8-year old, or mom and dad playing the game to the instructions of their kids, or even kicking back for a bit of upbeat semi-stress-free gaming after the kids have been strapped down and muzzled in their holding pens for the night?  While Juju is all-ages, it’s the kind of all-ages that appeals to adults who don’t care about looking cool any more and kids who want to play without too harsh a punishment for failure.  I’m sure there’s somebody of the depicted age in the trailer somewhere in the world that might have a bit of fun with Juju, but two of them in the same room together?  Even with the flute dust at the 0:07 mark, that stretches the bounds of believability past their breaking point.