Nearly 10% of 20th Anniversary Edition PS4s Already on eBay

Last Friday we spoke with eBay about the 20th Anniversary Edition PS4. A day before the console even went on sale, the online auction house/retailer was already expecting significant interest in the consoles. The fact that eBay was so aware of this launch led us to believe that this console would indeed not only be a hot commodity, but also resold in copious amounts. Now that the console has been made available, we again spoke to eBay who among other things confirmed to us that close to 10% of the 12,300 consoles made available have already been listed on the website with more being listed on an hourly basis.

What’s shocking about this number is that the console just went for sale on Saturday and as far as we know, nobody yet has them in hand. Additionally, not all 12,300 have even been made available as the console will be rolled out in Canada sometime this week, meaning that the percentage of consoles on eBay is likely significantly higher and will only grow.

Unfortunately, Sony’s handling of the sale is likely what has contributed to these results.