The PlayStation Experience Show Floor in 8 Photos

There was a lot to see and do at the first annual PlayStation Experience, and we did our best to sift through every crevice. Below you’ll find a collection of pictures from our tour of the show floor, and while they by no means encapsulate the experience in its entirety, they’re some of the things we found most interesting. We hope you enjoy them.

PlayStation dudes

During the World Wide Studios Town Hall panel, some Sony folk answered fan questions on stage. Here are some paraphrased questions and answers we found particularly amusing:

Q: “When can we expect another Crash Bandicoot on PlayStation?”

A: “Probably never, Activision owns the rights so it’s not possible.”

Q: “How do I stop my daughter from crying when she loses a grab in Little Big Planet 3?”

A: “Bring her here.”

Q: “As a Forza fan that doesn’t intend on buying an Xbox One, how is Sony catering to my needs with Gran Turismo?”

A: “Gran Turismo on the PlayStation 4, which is the strongest console ever, is the best Gran Turismo you can imagine.”

Super Street Fighter battle

Fans competed with one another in fruitless Super Street Fighter IV sessions because why the hell not? It was fun to watch and judge them stage-side. Surprisingly, there was very little bickering or gloating — maybe because hundreds of passersby ogled as they explored the showroom? Either way, it was nice of Capcom to feed fans’ hunger for punching strangers at an event.

Last of Us remastered
No, this isn’t a picture from my bathroom. This disgusting display is from Sony’s The Last of Us Remastered booth. Gruesome, I know; but fans that booked a late hotel (and got stuck at the “Elvis Motel” or “Triple-7 Inn”) or those who’ve lived in the city for at least a handful of years were probably desensitized by off-strip Vegas.

WB Booth

Despite what the lack of people displayed  above suggests, it was near- impossible to get any playtime with Mortal Kombat X. The line was constant, with fans going from screen-to-line for hours on end. And who could blame them? It was easily one of the best showings at the event. Read our interview with Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick here.

Stage singing

Attendees hopped on stage to sing along with Britney Spears (very poorly, might I add) for what I overheard was a soon-to-be commercial. Hilarious. Naturally, the reactions in the crowd were priceless. Some tidbits I found amusing:

1: “Don’t forget to move your hips.”

2: “You’re terrible, please stop. Not you, dude, Britney.”

3: “Oh God, it’s Britney without Auto-Tune.”

4: “No.”

Gran Turismo display

What’s a game show without a sexy car? I don’t know…probably still a game show. Not nearly as cool, though, that’s for damn sure. Now, I’m not entirely sure what car this is (the one person standing beside it didn’t seem to understand English and my knowledge of cars is about as extensive as paying someone to change my oil), but it’s certainly something I’d expect to find in a Gran Turismo game (or a rappers garage).

Disney Inf

About as much love was shown for Disney Infinity as expected: none. Picture above is the extent of the booths busyness, making it pretty easy to jump in and play. I didn’t, of course, but it would have been pretty darn easy. While it’s hardly surprising, what with Mortal Kombat X, Until Dawn, Battlefield: Hardline, and a whole bunch of other huge games, the booth made for a nice resting spot..

PlayStation Wall
Last but not least, a slice of the PlayStation Wall. This was one of the coolest things at the show, particularly because Sony allowed fans the freedom to express themselves (with pens included!) on a giant wall for all to see. It’s much larger than what’s pictured above, but I felt the center logo best represented the awesomeness. Click the image to read some of the messages.