Insomniac Games Make DLC Weapons Appealing in Sunset Overdrive

It has been a little over a month since Sunset Overdrive hit the Xbox One, but Insomniac Games is far from done with development. The Burbank-based studio has been hard at work to fulfil their Season Pass offerings, and it was only a little while ago that the first of many updates have been issued. Those who have purchased the $19.99 Season Pass will now be able to download a new weapons pack, giving the player four creative ways of disposing of their foes. We dive back into the open world action title to see how these new additions handle in the already over the top arsenal.

Those who want a faster paced, and slightly more conventional weapon, will most likely go with the Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher. As the name suggests, this fancy device is a mini-rocket launcher that can lock onto upwards of eight enemies and blow them away. This can wipe out hordes of OD and Scabs within a matter of seconds and is a valuable asset to the overwhelmingly creative arsenal. Among the four new guns, at least in terms of damage, this has become one of my preferred weapons, and even though it doesn’t seem to have a lot of ammo, it can become an unstoppable force in the right situation.

Shield Buddy is arguably the most effective “weapon” of the bunch as it focuses primarily on defense. This makes running around on foot a lot easier, but why you would want to do that in the first place is beyond me. It shields the player in a bubble where all attacks will bounce right off. It’s not entirely defensive, though, as when you charge up the shield, it will deploy multiple miniature bombs that may hit surrounding enemies. So not only will it help shield you in a tight situation, but it will eradicate anyone within a radius. This is definitely something that will aid players in multiplayer as defending the keep gets hectic fast and death comes regularly.

The Ranger can be an incredibly useful tool as it turns enemies against one another. Those caught in the radius of the confusion cloud will be put under a spell for a specific amount of time where they will turn against their fellow OD or Scabs. It can be handy to get groups of enemies to attack Herkers, or vice versa, or Scabs to open fire on one another. In the end, if the infected individual or creature is destroyed, they will explode, causing damage to everyone around. It adds a new layer to combat, turning enemies on one another and can remove the distraction from the player, so in multiplayer it becomes even handier so OD don’t instantly rush the VATs.

Unfortunately, I saved the least compelling newly addition for last. The Plague Bomb is a virus inducing, area-of-effect type weapon that has, like the rest of the new arsenal, very limited ammunition at its disposal. When struck, enemies will begin to feel ill and take damage over time, not to mention stop to vomit, giving the player an opportunity to escape or deal a deadly blow. The problem this weapon has is that it’s difficult to identify how much of an effect the plague is having on the enemies. It’s not a direct damage weapon but one that slowly drains their life and puts them in a rather unstable attack pattern. On the positive side, it is an infectious weapon, so enemies can transmit the plague to others  easily and ultimately causes a lot of panic.

Overall, the new weapons pack is more geared towards heavier projectiles that hold far less ammo. If you’re someone who likes to go guns blazing with automatics, then it’s hard to recommend, although the Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher does offer a little more bang for your buck, being able to hit eight enemies with one shot. The rest, though, offer a decent amount of variety, with one dealing damage over time, another befriending enemies, and the last one deflecting attacks. Standalone, it’s $4.99, which is basically $1.25 per weapon, which isn’t bad considering. Those who already have the Season Pass will receive this at no additional cost. Sunset Overdrive is an already charming experience, so the more Insomniac Games expands on their creativity, the better.