Is the 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 Worth $2000?

Whenever I see a headline that reads “Person Bought Item X For Ridiculous Amount On eBay,” I always think that the headline should actually read, “Look How Much This Person Pretended To Bid On eBay Har Har.” For example the top bidder of $100,000 on the Nintendo World Championships cartridge earlier this year almost immediately backed out alleging that their two-year-old had gotten on their eBay account and made false bids. I’ve been around many two-year-olds and can vouch that they have an annoying habit of memorizing all your account names and passwords and putting in spurious bids that contain no letters or symbols. They are devious creatures.

That being said, two of those limited edition 20th Anniversary PS4s sold on eBay recently for prices of $15,100 and $20,100. These are values over the initial selling price of $499 by amounts of roughly way, way too freaking much. There is no way, logically, that either of these winning amounts make sense. If you search for “20th Anniversary PS4” on eBay right now you will find multiple consoles with “Buy It Now” prices of less than $2,000. This is still an absurd amount of money, but if someone really wanted one of these consoles there is absolutely no reason to be dropping anywhere near $20,000 for them so both of these winning bids seem incredibly sketchy.

Sony Computer Entertainment PS4 Open Packaging

I had immediately assumed that both of these winning bids were fraudulent amounts and whoever the bidder was, they would be backing out shortly citing a skittish cat that had careened across their keyboard. However, according to the seller technologysupp, the offer was entirely legitimate. As originally reported by GamerHeadlines:

“Money is in the bank. Sent him an eBay invoice with the grand total and was paid immediately via PayPal. No questions, doubts or anything.

If these consoles are extremely hard to get now [after] they have just been available for pre-order for just one hour before it sold out, imagine the odds in probability in obtaining one in 10 years, let alone 5 years from now. I expect the value of these consoles to be astronomical within the coming years.

Though the item did sell, I had to inform my customer that we were actually going to get the console in late December, contrary to the dates posted in my listing.”

So, the only other possibility here is that technologysupp made the fraudulent offer themselves on the off chance it would catch the attention of media outlets, which seems incredibly dumb and unlikely. Also incredibly dumb and unlikely is someone paying $15,100 for an item you can find at the same site for a fraction of the price. People buying this for even $2,000 blows my mind, so the fact that someone could’ve had it for that price and decided instead to spend more than seven times that just for funsies just isn’t processing for me.

Sony Computer Entertainment PS4 Close-Up
I am on record as thinking this particular limited edition looks very sexy and was even considering buying one if I could’ve gotten the site to work when they were initially sold online. That being said, unless you are some sort of extreme collector, a weird investor that is hoping the price goes up even further, or a guy that somehow already accidentally broke your friend’s limited edition console and are in a desperate panic for a replacement one, I cannot fathom why you would spend even $2,000 for this. I mean, it is your money so go nuts, but for that price you could get a PS4 and basically every game worth owning (and a lot that aren’t) on the system. Is “oooh it is grey and looks like something I had twenty years ago” really worth all that extra cash?

There is no confirmation from the seller of the $20,100 console yet, so we’ve reached out and are waiting for their response. Still, with the other seller confirming they did get the money, we know there is at least one lunatic out there desperate to get rid of their excess cash so it wouldn’t surprise us at this point if there was a second one. The bidding history on this one is a lot more suspicious, with many of the higher bids (including the winning one) coming from people with almost no eBay history and recent bids on only this and maybe one or two other things. Still, after the last one was confirmed by the seller who knows. Maybe that two-year-old with an eBay shopping addiction has struck again.

If a crazy person did spend $20,000 on an item they could’ve bought for $2,000 at the same time at the same site because they are dumb and bad at money, we will let you know.