McDonald’s Japan Starts Mario Kart 8 Campaign

Whether it’s Dragon Ball Z action figures, Yokai Watch calendars, or board games promoting Super Mario 3D World, video games and children’s anime seem to go hand in hand with McDonald’s happy meals (or “Happy Sets” in the land of the rising sun). And as of last week, Japanese McDonald’s launched its biggest and baddest advertising campaign yet: Mario Kart 8 racing toys! While the current shop closest to us continues to sell the ever-popular Yokai Watch calendars for 400 yen, December 5 marked the date for Mario and friends to race through some golden arches.

In addition to offering eight collectable racing toys, each happy meal will also offer posters (Dec. 6 and 7), stickers (Dec. 13 and 14), and Mario Kart 8 Christmas cards (Dec. 20 and 21) every weekend leading up to Christmas. While we here at Hardcore Gamer are as wary as anyone when it comes to eating healthy, we couldn’t help but personally stop by our nearest store to take a peek.

In any case, check out these rather over-excited and very imaginative Japanese kids in the new McDonald’s commercial below: