No Platform-Exclusive Characters Planned for Mortal Kombat X, Producer Confirms

Mortal Kombat X executive producer Shaun Himmerick opened up to Hardcore Gamer about a few details of the upcoming installment in the popular fighting game franchise. In it, he mentioned, contrary to many previous reports, NetherRealm is not planning to release platform-exclusive characters in Mortal Kombat X, the way they did with Kratos in its predecessor.

The only DLC character revealed at this point in time is Goro, who is multi-platform. IGN originally reported, from an interview with series creator Ed Boon, that Boon apparently confirmed the existence of such characters (though the article did so without a direct quote). It’s possible this was the case at some point in time, but Himmerick wasn’t coy or cryptic, the way Mr. Boon is known to be, when he said it: “We have no platform exclusive characters planned for MKX,” he told Hardcore Gamer. We have reached out to NetherRealm for further clarification on any contradictions.

This should put to bed recent rumors spawned from typical Ed Boon tweets that Sony’s Twisted Metal Character Sweet Tooth will make an appearance, as that would have to be PlayStation-exclusive.