Drawn to Death’s Jonny Loves the Internet Back

David Jaffe has never been a shy individual, and his characters in his games tend to be, to put it politely, straightforward as well.  Drawn to Death is no different, loaded with freaks, weirdos, and mutants of all kinds, and at least one of them is aware of internet gaming sites.  Jonny has seen the page after page of mixed reactions Drawn to Death has been getting and he’s got something to say to his detractors.  Hint- it’s not “I understand your viewpoint but feel that your early judgement and snarky comments don’t give full credit to the effort and creativity being poured into my world.  You don’t have to like the game, because no game is for everyone, but would hope you give it a fair chance on its release even if your early impressions aren’t as positive as I’d have hoped.”  So is the video silly, rude, and immature?  Sure!  It’s also fun, and it’s always nice to see the near-endless negativity of internet forums dealt with in a way that doesn’t feel whitewashed by marketing.