Buying Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is the Only Way to get the Final Fantasy XV Demo

Want to play the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo, but don’t want to play Final Fantasy Type-0 HD? Well then you’re out of luck. Square Enix has announced that they will not be releasing the Final Fantasy XV demo outside of this special promotion.

Writing on the PS Blog, Associate Product Marketing Manager Scott Strichart confirmed that the demo will not only be restricted to Final Fantasy Type-0, but will only be included in the “Day One” edition of the game. Basically, pick Final Fantasy Type-o HD up on launch day or no Final Fantasy XV for you.

“This demo is exclusive to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD,” Scott wrote on the PS Blog. “We’re never going to release it as a stand-alone piece down the line. Secondly, it’s intended to be a special gift for those of you who purchase early — the demo will be limited to the “Day One” edition of the game, meaning that only the first shipment is going to have the demo in it. So if the demo is something you think you might like, we highly encourage you to pre-order or to be quick about getting to the store on launch day, March 17th, 2015.”

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is out March 17, 2015 on PS4 and Xbox One. Final Fantasy XV, on the other hand, still doesn’t have a release date. We also don’t know if the Final Fantasy XV demo will be playable on March 17, or if it will launch at a later date.