Ed Boon Trolls Mortal Kombat X Theorists

Mortal Kombat X, being more than four months away, has seen more than its fair share of speculation in lieu of actual announcements, many of which are based solely on the likely innocuous tweets made by series creator Ed Boon. Mr. Boon evidently decided that enough is a enough.

Mortal Kombat fans were especially miffed after Mortal Kombat X breezed through Playstation Experience with nothing resembling a character announcement. Mr. Boon is likely miffed that he can’t tweet about a basketball game without someone turning it into an official Mortal Kombat announcement. People tried to turn Boon spelling clown with a “k” into a Sweet Tooth announcement, something very likely not to happen since no platform-exclusive characters are planned for MKX.

It’s clear the bear has been poked for the last time.