Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2’s Collector’s Edition Revealed

Today on their official website, Idea Factory International revealed that Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation (try saying that title five times fast without dying of asphyxiation) would indeed be getting a special collector’s edition. Apparently fans have been clamoring for this for quite some time, with their demands finally being answered (with compact discs!).

Channeling 1997, his insanely colorful special edition package will include a 2015 “Nepgear’s Memories” desktop calendar, since nobody actually has a cell phone anymore, and the “Sister’s Melodies” soundtrack on CD. Players will also receive a reversible cover sheet and a collector’s box to hold all of these insanely modern items. Oh, and those of you that are worried about another Wolfenstein: The New Order situation in which the collector’s edition doesn’t contain the actual game, fear not. Hyperdimension Neptuna Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation (sigh…) will indeed be included.

Oh, and please don’t put that calendar on your desk unless you’re looking to be arrested. Thank you.