Thirty Minutes is a Lot of Cosmic Star Heroine Video Demo Gameplay

Cosmic Star Heroine finally got to show off its gameplay at Sony’s PlayStation Experience, which is great for everyone who attended but not so useful for those of us sitting at home.  It’s still too early to release a public demo into the world, though, so Zeboyd Games figured out the next best thing, which was to play through the PlayStation Experience build themselves and post it for all the world to see.  While it’s not quite as nice as a getting some hands-on time, it does allow strategic edits to explain how the fighting works and what the various effects and meters mean.  Cosmic Star Heroine is a turn-based RPG that looks like a cross between Phantasy Star and Lunar with a bit of Chrono Trigger sprinkled in for good measure, so a bit of explanation as to how the combat engine works is definitely helpful.  There’s more going on that fighting, though, with exploration and character interaction taking up the bulk of the video’s running time, so it’s good to see the writing holding up its part of the workload.

Cosmic Star Heroine is looking like the kind of RPG that made me a fan of the genre back in the SNES/Genesis days, although at an estimated 15-25 hours of play time it may end up being a little shorter than its predecessors.  On the other hand I’m older and with less spare time than I had way back then, so the game length sounds just about perfect. (Also, Final Fantasy III cost $60 in 1994, or about $96-ish when translated to 2014 value.)  Cosmic Star Heroine is still a long way off, as evidenced by the chests in the video below containing jokes instead of actual items, but when it hits it looks like a lovely SNES-throwback that promises to be as fun as we remember those games to be.