First WWE 2K15 DLC Now Available

Today’s a big day for fans of WWE 2K15. If you didn’t pre-order the game, or get the Hulkamania edition, then you can now download Sting and Hulk Hogan. You can play as the red and yellow tie-dyed version of Hogan as well as Hollywood Hogan for $3, while both surfer Sting and Crow-era Sting can be yours for $3. If you would like to recreate some WCW memories beyond Starrcade ’97‘s historic main event, then the WCW Pack might be for you. This gets you pre-DDP Yoga “Diamond” Dallas Page, Fit Finlay, “Lord” Steven Regal, and Lex Luger. Those who buy the WWE 2K15 Season Pass Program for $25 can also now download Paige and eventually gain access to all three 2K Showcase story modes.