Itagaki Reveals Information on Upcoming Wii U Exclusive Devil’s Third

Consider us on the cautiously optimistic Devil’s Third bandwagon. After checking out the game at E3, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that Tomonobu’s Itagaki’s hyper-violent action game would be a Wii U exclusive. Sure, it looked a little dated, but the core gameplay looked fun. Thus, we’ve been following it ever since. Today, some more details about the title came out, introducing us to the potential meaning of the “Devil’s Third” name. Itagaki mentioned that the meaning has to do with music, and may refer to a “tritone,” which is a musical interval composed of three whole tunes or six half-notes. This is often called the “Devil’s Third Interval.” This is all still up for speculation of course, but color of intrigued nonetheless.

Aside from that, Itagaki also talked about the game’s single and multiplayer campaign in broad strokes:

We made this game for single play (campaign) and online online multiplay gamers. ‘Cuz I know I have to respond to expectations by both gamers. So, in fact, we invested double amount of resources than general development in this industry, to accomplish to develop this game. I can’t show you specific length of single play mode, ‘cuz we’re still tuning this game. But you can estimate the total length of single play mode, by my saying above.

Itagaki also reported that the game’s specs are still being worked on, meaning that we will have to wait a while longer to know its resolution and frame rate. Apparently, though, the game has undergone a serious graphical facelift since its showing at E3. This shouldn’t be too shocking, though, considering what we saw at E3 was a game still fairly early in development. Since then, Itagaki has made it clear that when we see the game next, it won’t look the same as it did back in June.