Ken Levine Teases New Game in the Works

The creator of Bioshock and founder of Irrational Games recently opened up on a project he’s working on. As a fan of Lord of the Rings and Shadow of Mordor, Levine is looking to take a few notes from the series.

His goal for this new game is to create a strong, self-adapting story based on player choices. He cites Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor as a very influential game, stating:

“By breaking down the elements of character into small chunks and re-combining them based on randomness and, more important, responses to the player’s choices, Shadow of Mordor tells a story that could never exist in another medium. If the audience could somehow change a plot point in Death of a Salesman, the narrative would break. If they could change something in BioShock Infinite, the story would break. But you can change the narrative in Shadow of Mordor–kill an important character, fail an important mission – and the story heals itself, because the system can create new characters on the fly,” he added. “It does so without a ‘game over’ screen or a request for the player to try again. Players can choose their own paths, not by selecting from a list of three or four predetermined options, but by making decisions in an endlessly combinatorial gameplay system. It’s chess meets Hamlet.”

It’ll be quite some time until we get to see the game. Levine joined up with a yet-to-be-named studio since leaving Irrational Studios back in February. At least we’ll get possible clues in the months to come.