New Bloodborne Screenshots Show Off The Chalice Dungeons

Shown off during Sony’s PlayStation Experience earlier this month, SCEJ Studio has released new screenshots for Bloodborne’s Chalice Dungeons. These are randomly generated dungeons that can not only be explored, but shared among the community. You can spread the love, or frustration, to others as various traps and enemies will halt your attempt to reach the riches below.

More details have also been released, mainly involving settings and enemies. These dungeons will take players through oily swamps and Gothic grand halls, among other locations, and contain deadly beings such as protectors and their ritual masters. The ancient guard dog seen at the end of the PlayStation Experience demo is a unique enemy that has a hard shell protection and a coat of flames to deal damage.

The Chalice Dungeons looks to offer players endless amount of entertainment when Bloodborne becomes available March 27, exclusively on PlayStation 4.