Should Sony Sell 20th Anniversary Edition DualShock 4 Separately?

The sale of the limited edition 20th Anniversary Edition of the PS4 has now come and gone, leaving those who missed out on the exclusive console to look longingly on eBay while “I Will Remember You” plays melancholically in the background. Some of the eBay consoles are going for ridiculous prices, and it makes it very hard to justify a purchase unless you are on a sinking ship that has been weighed down by all your extraneous cash and you need to jettison a lot very quickly. This leaves entering one of a couple different raffles to try and snag one or painting your own console grey and hoping it doesn’t void the warranty (it does) as your only options. There is an easy way to appease those that missed out on the sale, however, and it comes with the extra benefit for Sony of making them another boatload of cash.

Sony should re-release and sell the 20th Anniversary Edition DualShock 4 separately.

Sony Computer Entertainment PS4 Open Packaging

This is a move that makes sense on all fronts. The controller itself looks excellent, and it would be one that countless numbers of gamers would snatch up just for the aesthetic alone. By offering at least the controller as a consolation prize, it would also help to make amends to those that missed out on the console entirely. There were a couple of notable issues with the way the sale of the console was conducted, with many people failing to get the console simply because Sony was unprepared for the server load. While it might not be as attractive as the entire console, at least the controller would give those that missed out due to various site issues something to cuddle at night to help them sleep.

This shouldn’t even effect those blessed by whatever gaming god they preyed to that got the site working for them, as it wouldn’t devalue that console itself. The 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 would still only be available from this limited first printing, and the existence of extra controllers wouldn’t effect the market value. Even if it did, who cares? The only people this would effect would be those desperately trying to hawk their systems for inflated prices, and the true fans that actually wanted the system aren’t going to be selling it anyway. Plus, it seems cruel the only give them one matching controller. Are they supposed to buy extra normal controllers like us poor plebeians? Releasing extra copies of the controller would allow them to have a nice matching set on their shelves, not a system with one matching special controller and another one that would be forever referred to as “the ugly controller” that the second player would always be doomed to hold.

So it would make Sony money, make those that missed out on the sale happy, and would even benefit those that already own the system. Win-win-win. Don’t make us paint our controllers grey, Sony.