Telltale Teases ‘Super Secret Surprise Announcements’ Before Holiday Break

Whenever something is “super secret” you just know it’s awesome (or not true, according to Jack Dahl). When Telltale Games is holding said super secret, however, it’s time to take notice. Telltale PR director Job Stauffer took to Twitter today to state “Super secret surprise announcements before the holiday break? Maaaaaybe.” He then followed up the announcement by clarifying that “it’s not directly related to anything else we’ve made in 2014.” He completed the excitement trifecta by minutes ago tweeting “”Well, kids… You see… When two game developers love each other VERY much… and they get together…”

So to break it all down: Telltale will announce something super secret involving another developer before Monday.

It’s like Christmas come early.

We’ll follow the story and report the announcement the second it’s revealed.