EA Now More Valuable than Activision

The stock market had a huge day Thursday, with the Dow jumping 421 points for its best day in more than three years. The day was especially good for Electronic Arts, however, who closed up 1.18 points at 47.24 a share. While that’s cause enough for glee among shareholders, the news here is that with the jump, EA has officially surpassed Activision in value. EA now has a market capitalization of 14.40 billion, higher than rival Activision’s market cap of 14.21 billion. As market cap is the total value of the shares outstanding for a company (share price x number of shares), it for all intents and purposes means that EA is a more valuable company than Activision.

EA has seen great financial success this year and is on track to double their share value from the start of 2014. Activision’s stock, however, tumbled shortly after the release of the highly-touted Destiny — a drop they have yet to recover from.