Hotline Miami 2 to Receive 3XLP Collector’s Edition

If there’s one thing that Hotline Miami did, it’s bring indie music fans and gamers together in a fantastic cross-media way reminiscent of what the film Drive did with music lovers and cinephiles a year earlier (Yes, Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin, I brought up Drive talking about your game and I’ll do it again). People clamored to get their hands on all the music in the game, going so far as to seek out 7″ vinyl singles from artists on Bandcamp. This time, however, Devolver and Dennaton are getting ahead of the curve by releasing a soundtrack for the game on wax at launch.

The set (which is technically a collector’s edition) includes three 180 gram records in pink, blue and green neon with masks in the center comprising 28 tracks, a collectable phone card, a digital download for the soundtrack and Steam code for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. The tri-fold jacket it all comes in is simply gorgeous, featuring artwork from Niklas Åkerblad.

The set can now be purchased pre-ordered from iam8bit for $60 and will ship out in Q1 2015 right before the game’s launch.

Check out pictures of the set below: