Hotly Anticipated Strategy Game Prismata Nearly Funded, 2 Days Remain

Blizzard beware: Prismata is coming and threatens to take a bite out of StarCraft and Hearthstone‘s playerbases and eSports viewership. Indie developers Lunarch studios have put it all on the line – with two of the three studios’ founders dropping out of PhD programs at MIT – to make this game a reality, and its garnered an incredible amount of support as it is across the internet. Pulling from the team’s expertise in mathematics, AI, statistics and a love for real-time strategy games, Lunarch Studios’ premier game looks to be a must-play for the strategically-minded gamer.

Prismata is a turn-based card game wherein in economies are built, resources are collected and used to create defenses or offensive units, and forces are built and destroyed. It curtails a number of the potential problems that come with online CCGs in intelligent and novel ways: no grinding for card packs, no decks, and no randomness: each match starts with a set of units being generated and each player has to deal with the options granted them.

On reddit, the game gathered a substantial following after one of the developers posted to “Today, I F****d Up” after losing a mailing list. The resulting rallying cry resulted in tens of thousands of new signups to salvage the lost contacts, and the developer’s thank you on the popular link aggregation site led to a deluge of over $20,000 in donations to the Kickstarter in a few hours. Kolento of Hearthstone fame is addicted, and a number of streamers have taken to playing Prismata regularly aided by the game’s built-in streaming interface.

The game is currently playable and will have a number of modes implemented – ladder play, observer mode, analysis mode, a campaign and more – as development continues. It’s currently just shy of its $140,000 funding goal, so check out the Kickstarter today for a link to the free online demo, a trailer, more information and the opportunity to contribute to this upcoming behemoth’s development.

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