JAST USA Brings First Visual Novel ‘Littlewitch’ to Steam Greenlight

It wasn’t that long ago when the sheer thought of bringing visual novels to Steam seemed like a joke to many developers and publishers. Now, the genre is absolutely exploding on the digital storefront! Visual novel localizer JAST USA has just revealed the first title they’re ready to bring to Steam – Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque: Editio Acturi, or Littlewitch for short.

This title centers on a magical world in which a young wizard promises to mentor and train two challenging students in order to gain access to ancient magical knowledge. There are tons of quests to undergo, around 40 hours of playtime, and a nearly outrageous 20 endings to unlock.

If Littlewitch succeeds in its Greenlight campaign then JAST USA will definitely consider pushing more titles onto the platform. Please note that although Littlewitch originally was an 18+ game, this Editio Acturi version is the all ages release.