Rising Star Games Get Steep Discounts During Steam Holiday Sale

Steam sales are among the most wonderful times of the year, but there are tons of deals that aren’t made readily apparent. The discounts on Rising Star’s titles fall into that category as they aren’t on the main page. Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut has a steep 90% discount taking it to $2.49, while the director’s cut with the OST is only $2.99.  Cloudbuilt has a slightly less massive 80% discount, bringing it to $3.99, while TRI is $10.04 with a 33% discount, and Kromia‘s 75% discount brings it down to $4.99. Finally, The Marvelous Miss Take is 50% off and only $9.99. Finally, the Rising Gear Games store has a sale going on too – so if you want some goodies inspired by these games, give that a shot too.