New Space Pirates and Zombies 2 Trailer Reveals the Bad Guys

Space Pirates and Zombies 2 has been in the works for a couple years now, since the success of its prequel, but other than a teaser trailer of ultra-early alpha footage it’s been pretty quiet.  That’s all changed today with the release of the full reveal trailer, showing much prettiness in the laser-fueled eradication of giant motherships.  There’s a lot that’s changed since SPAZ The First, with a new 3D engine and tactical space map being the two most obvious additions.

While the actions is still on a 2D plane, the camera no longer has the fixed overhead view but rather is thrown behind the ship to show off the battles to their most explosion-suffused effect.  Giant ships maneuver through space dodging debris while releasing multiple arcs of fire at each other, scavenging parts on the fly to gain every possible advantage.  SPAZ2 is a game of capital ship warfare, with battles taking minutes to resolve, but when done you can scoop up the parts left behind and add them to your ship in whatever way seems best.  The physics engine wants you to balance things or else the ship’s thrust will feel all kinds of weird, and blocking a gun with another part is a great way to render a weapon useless, but a little care in ship building should see dreadnaughts capable of giving and receiving massive amounts of punishment.

The AI ship captains are all doing the same thing, though, and the dynamic galaxy map is constantly shifting whether you’re paying attention or not, so you shouldn’t expect to get all the best bits and rule space with an iron fist.  The point of SPAZ 2 is that you’re one ship’s captain out of hundreds in a galaxy that’s fighting itself and an invading menace, and while you can carve an epic story from the (surprisingly colorful) depths of space, it will be one story of many all happening simultaneously.  The galaxy is huge and stuffed full of unpredictable dangers, but with a little care and a whole lot of firepower you should be able to make your own way and maybe even fight back against everything the universe throws at you.