Pixel Sword Released on OUYA Store

The OUYA isn’t in dire straits when it comes to platformers, but it does lack a wide variety of great ones. Pixel Sword has just hit the Discover store and is among the better options on the system. You’re a little sword-swinging dude and you’re up against skeletons, armored skeletons, fire-throwing lizards, and violent plants with an annoying sound effect. It’s got precise timing a bit like Castlevania, but far more forgiving. Also, unlike NES platformers, you’ll have no problem finding health pickups as they’re all over the place. Exploration is rewarded with new heart pieces even in early levels, and it’s satisfying to conquer all of the enemies in your path and collect everything — even if you don’t really need to. It’s free to try, so if you’ve got an OUYA, give it a shot.