Rainbow Saga Open Beta Goes Live

We are always open to checking out a new MMORPG, and Rainbow Saga has been one that we’ve kept our eye on for a while now, even if it is just a browser game. Perhaps its the Maple Story art direction, or side-scrolling gameplay; regardless of the reason, Rainbow Saga has caught our attention. Though in the works for a while now, the game is finally in open beta as of last night at 6pm PST.

For the uninitiated, Rainbow Saga is a vibrant, free-to-play 2D MMORPG that emphasizes intuitive gameplay. Gameplay uses a simple control scheme and a wide variety of straightforward but fairly deep systems for players to tinker around with while leveling the game’s three character classes. Players can form clans, collect pets that offer help in combat, tame mounts, upgrade their characters with new skills, weapons, and equipment, and duke it out via PvE or PvP. We gave the game a spin last night and found it to be of a shockingly high quality, considering it’s just a browser title. Nevertheless, if you’ve been seeking a Maple Story clone, then maybe this is the game for you.