Recently Funded Hollow Knight Shows Endearing Promise

The deluge of Metroidvanias is never-ending, but some entries stand head, shoulders and antennae above the pack. Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight is one such example, and over 2,100 backers seemed to agree by pushing the Kickstarter to over 160% of its goal.

Hollow Knight tasks you, a surface-dwelling insect soldier, with exploring the ruins of a former kingdom. The sprawling underground ruins have been host to adventurers and creatures for years innumerable, but recently something more sinister has been afflicting its insectoid inhabitants.

Challenging, fast-paced combat, platforming and tons of obtainable equipment and abilities are the main gameplay draws, while the beautiful hand-animated art, vibrant cast of characters and intriguing story will serve to bolster and enthrall throughout. You’ll be able to ally yourself with the realm’s madness-touched citizens, encounter enemies of every shape and size and even explore the dreams of other characters.

Challenging, aesthetically flawless and with an engaging premise, Hollow Knight is shaping up to be an adventure to remember. Check out the developer’s Kickstarter thank you here and keep up with the project on the developer’s official site, where a PayPal option is available for late backers.