Ed Boon Again Hints at Long-Forgotten Character for Mortal Kombat X

Posing a simple question to Ed Boon does not often yield a simple answer, and today was no exception. Asking “will there be a new ninja in MKX?”, one Twitter user got a very telling answer.

For the record, “new” is a well-defined word, meaning original or never-before-seen. If there was a completely new ninja, Mr. Boon would either say “yes,” “maybe ;)” or not respond at all (the more likely choice). His response implies that Mortal Kombat X may have a ninja that is new in some respects, but not others. If it were my money, I’d put it on Tremor.

Tremor, in appearance, was little more than Scorpion or Sub-Zero in a brown suit, and he had his first appearance in Mortal Kombat: Special Forces. Although Ed Boon openly despises that game, Tremor makes a lot of sense for Mortal Kombat X as all the pieces fall. For one, he is a long-time, loyal ally to Kano, who is already announced, so adding Tremor would thicken the plot of what is sure to be a story-heavy installment.

He also fits the style of character Mortal Kombat X is going for. Ed Boon has stated repeatedly that he isn’t content with simply bringing back the tried-and-true Mortal Kombat roster for MKX. Of the current 10 announced characters, four of them are original creations, and Tremor can also be loosely defined as “new,” the way Mr. Boon implied.

This also isn’t the only time Ed Boon has brought up Tremor. In September, he tweeted a picture submitted to the Mortal Kombat Kollective (above) that was fan art of what Tremor could look like as an updated character. This kind of transformation is reminiscent of how Ermac and Reptile went from being just the red and green ninjas to their own characters, and works almost as a proof of concept that Tremor could be brought to the 21st century of Mortal Kombat.

Of course, this tweet seemed like nothing at the time, as Ed Boon often showcases great fan art, but the trail of breadcrumbs is beginning to lead to one place. Given that Mortal Kombat 9 resurrected Skarlet from the designation of a palette-swap glitch, there’s only one other ninja that can be described as both “new” and not new, and that’s Tremor. In case any more proof is needed, Tremor also appeared in the Playstation Vita version of MK9 as a challenge tower opponent who claimed to have been locked in Goro’s Lair. Well Goro is out, and maybe he’s bringing Tremor with him.


Note the line of dialogue, which can’t come off as anything but a tongue-in-cheek jab at his character status for future games. We may find out for sure soon, as rumor has it a new character will be revealed January 1. Will it be Tremor?