Target’s PS Vita Display Has Become Depressing

The PS Vita has never had a great share of shelf space. Even on its opening weekend, many stores relegated it to a small section of their video game department, but things have progressively become worse since then. A trip into Walmart will reveal multiple empty Vita slots and no more than 2 for any in-stock Vita games, while going to Best Buy will reveal the console nestled between the PS3 and PS4 with only a few rows allowed for the handheld. At Target, however, the situation has gone from bad to pathetic.

Being of a certain class and culture, we at Hardcore Gamer choose to shop at Target for all of our high-class supply needs. Something about buying a twelve pack of Diet Coke at Target just makes it tastes better than when it’s from Walmart. Of course, we can’t help but stumble into the video game section to see what’s being pushed from a consumer perspective (and also to check the clearance racks for Fallout 3 Limited Editions because we won’t give up). As aforementioned, we’ve seen the Vita section decreasing over the past few years seemingly more and more over every trip. We last remember it being bad to the point that what games they had were randomly mixed in with PS3 and PS4 games, with only a few copies of the game per each title. Nothing, however, could prepare us for the point it’s finally reached:

Your eyes do not deceive you: Target’s entire PS Vita inventory has been relegated to an end-cap at the end of the aisle where bargain/old games they don’t know what to do with are shelved. The same end cap that houses sponges, candy or batteries throughout the rest of the store is housing every PS Vita game the store has in stock. Worse yet, there wasn’t even an effort to display them with any sort of care. The games are randomly shuffled together with older releases even covering newer ones. These games weren’t on clearance, mind you, but their regularly priced selection of games.

In a moment of pure sadness and confusion, we ventured to every target in the area to see if the situation was the same. It was at all but one Target, where two copies each of Killzone: Mercenary and Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified were placed in the PS3 section. That Target didn’t have a single other PS Vita title, so perhaps the above pictured display is actually the best it gets for the handheld in the store nowadays.

Sad days indeed for what was once (and still is) such a promising console.