Demonstration of Improved Physics in DOA 5: Last Round

With Dead or Alive 5: Last Round appearing on both current generation and last generation consoles, a lot of you are probably wondering just how big a graphical leap there will be between the two versions. At a cursory glance, sure, Dead or Alive 5 on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 resembles the X360/PS3 counterpart, just obviously running at a better resolution.

Well TecmoKoei and Famitsu has put that clearly incorrect assumption to shame, as they’ve teamed up to provide everyone with concrete proof that the XBO/PS4 edition of the game will be the most definitive version of the DOA to date. This new piece of footage painstakingly compares the physics between the PS3 and PS4 versions, with DOA veteran Tina Armstrong volunteering for this important study.

You can analyse this footage below… for science! (and in case you can’t figure it out: PS4 version to the left, PS3 version to the right).