Visual Novel Eden* Pre-Orders Now Open

Those who follow visual novels on Steam might remember when eden* accidentally “launched” via the digital distributor last month. Folks who purchased a copy at that moment effectively pre-ordered a copy as a result. Today MangaGamer officially opened up pre-orders for everyone on their own storefront.

If you order eden* or eden* PLUS+MOSAIC through MangaGamer’s website you’ll both receive the game at at 50% off discount and be sent a Steam key upon launch. It’s unlikely the Steam release will have such a hefty price reduction during release week.

These discounts place eden* at $9.99 and the latter, AO-rated version, at $14.97. Of course, even if you order eden* PLUS+MOSAIC you’ll still be getting the same M-rated copy via Steam key (alongside a MangaGamer-specific download). Both versions of eden* launch on January 30.