New Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Trailer Reveals Amiibo Support, is Clay-mazing

Everyone’s favorite pink puffball Kirby is set to make his Wii U debut next month, and Nintendo has provided an extended and utterly charming peak at some of the creative gameplay players can expect. A new trailer released today highlights the game’s unique clay-textured art style, as well as a number of intesesting implementations of the title’s gamepad-based mechanics.

Players will draw platforms for Kirby on the gamepad, much like in the DS title Kirby and the Canvas Curse, allowing the pink hero to traverse each level and collect stars, smite enemies, and uncover secrets. Kirby will also enjoy a number of transformations and power-ups, some of which will be unlocked by tapping certain amiibo.

The Kirby, King Dedede, and Meta Knight amiibo will each unlock a different power-up ability for Kirby in the game, though all the effects and details have yet to be shared. You can check out the entire adorable video below, and look forward to Kirby and the Rainbow Curse’s release on Wii U on January 22.