Platinum Teases Something Bayonetta-related, Why it Could and Should be Bayonetta 3

Recently 4Gamer published a pretty lengthy interview with close to 150 Japanese developers. In this sit-down, developers discussed various pertinent gaming subjects as they relate to this past year as well as what’s in store for 2015 and beyond. Akiko Kuroda was one of the developers 4Gamer included in their write-up. Firstly, you may know Kuroda from her work on Bayonetta. In fact, that very series was brought up in the interview when Kuroda teased the development of something Bayonetta-related for 2015. For a word-by-word breakdown, scope the quote below:

“I have started working on the next project, but it looks like the announcement will come later. In any case, I think that it would be nice if something Bayonetta-related was also developed in 2015, so please pay attention to the continuation of Bayonetta!”

Bayonetta 2 director Hashimoto Yusuke also talked about a new project, though, he was even more vague than his colleague. Nevertheless, it would be pretty amazing for a new Bayonetta to hit just next year. While Bayo 2 hasn’t sold all that well, we’ve seen time and time again that Platinum don’t seem to care about sales at all. Hideki Kamiya has routinely reinforced this stance, saying that he doesn’t care about sales or reviews, so long as people are enjoying themselves with whichever game is his newest work.

Although it’s unclear as to what this new Bayonetta project could be, we wouldn’t be too terribly surprised to see some kind of substantial DLC expansion, or even a sort of Bayonetta 2.5, with new levels, characters, modes and story elements. Hell, we could even see Platinum going all in and just giving us Bayonetta 3. If this were the case, the game wouldn’t be a huge step forward, and in fact it would probably feel more like the aforementioned Bayo 2.5; but with as much acclaim as the Wii U exclusive got when it was released back in October, it’s not hard to imagine the developer and Nintendo timely capitalizing on its success.

In actuality, they would be silly not to. Having seen how much people have raved about the game, Nintendo could make a larger marketing push, and some kind of Wii U + Bayonetta 2.5/3 bundle to sweeten the deal and get people on board. (This would be a great way to get buyers in the door too, since 2015 is already panning out to be a stacked year for Nintendo and the Wii U.) But while Nintendo gave more attention to Bayonetta 2 than I think any of us thought they would, those sporadic 10 to 30 second commercial weren’t exactly doing much to reel in newbies or the uninitiated. We can’t blame them, necessarily; they were probably leery of dropping money into effective marketing for a game they weren’t sure would be a hit. But now that it’s been routinely showing up on Game of the Year lists — and even securing the number one spot on those lists — they would probably feel a lot more confident and secure about putting money behind the game.

That being said, we can’t rule out some kind of multiplatform Bayonetta title either. It wouldn’t necessarily be Bayonetta 2, since Nintendo would have to OK it for release on other consoles and we can’t see them doing that right now, however, it could certainly be Bayonetta 3. Since Bayonetta 2’s release, we’d imagine that publishers are hitting up Platinum so as to strike up some kind of partnership for future franchise entries. If the developer wanted to reach more folks, they could easily let someone do exactly what Nintendo did with Bayonetta 2, and have them essentially fund the development on the next installment.

Nevertheless, we will probably hear more news in the coming months, especially as the studio opens up more about Scalebound. So here’s hoping we’re treated to more Bayonetta goodness in the near future. Be sure to sound off in the comments section with your hypotheses, and also what you would like to see from either the next Platinum or Bayonetta game.