Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby Demo Now Publicly Available

Those who missed out last month on getting the demo codes for Pokémon don’t have to worry now. Even though this is the same exact file and little story as the first demo, it’s available to all.

Last time you needed a special code to download the demo but now it’s up for grabs for free. It’s the only way to receive Mega Glalie and obtain a couple of items to transfer over to the real game, which is really the only reason to actually have the demo. Before you try downloading, it’ll say this in the description:

“If you have already received the Special Demo Version by download code, you do not need to download this.”

Even though there’s not much there for hardcore fans, those not lucky enough to have received a code last time will be delighted to try it out. It’s available in the 3DS eShop.